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We are a group of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts, who came together from across the country, to create Cannabis Team USA. 


Many of us have personally found relief or witnessed first-hand how medicinal marijuana has enhanced our lives. Whether for relief from neuropathy and other pain-related conditions, soothing anxiety or helping to calm PTSD flashbacks, and many other issues, we’ve experienced the life-changing benefits offered from utilizing this natural approach.


After visiting countless dispensaries and farms around the United States to speak with the owners, managers and budtenders, we decided to offer a place, for beginners to enthusiasts and anyone in between, to come and learn more about all thing’s cannabis related.

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What's your name and where do you work?


Nicholas Hogle - Arizona Natural Selections



What is your position and what sparked your interest in the Cannabis Industry?


My position is - Patient Assistant. What sparked my interest in the cannabis industry were the healing properties of the plant itself. I’ve always enjoyed using cannabis but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the lack of education within our industry which pushed me to figure out a way to help those who might otherwise be intimidated or unsure about whether or not cannabis could help them.



How/where did you get started?


Simple, I applied on indeed to a dispensary, Arizona Natural Selections, and got very lucky as they eventually hired me.


What is your longterm goal in the industry?


I aim to educate and inspire as many people as I can whether that’s through my consulting practices or my photography. The dream is to grow within the industry, create a name for myself, and continue to build strong relationships with other industry professionals alike.


Have you learned anything while working in the industry that surprised you?


A lot! But if I had to choose one I would say the synergistic properties of cannabinoids and terpenes. Also known as the “entourage effect”.



Any other interesting fact/experience about the cannabis industry that you would like to share?



An interesting fact about Cannabis that most people don’t realize, is that the terms sativa, indica, and hybrid don’t actually tell you how one specific strain is going to make you feel. It’s the terpenes that are in the plant that provide the energetic, focused, relaxing, or sedative effects that you feel when your consuming your favorite strain. Terpenes are found in literally everything and they were discovered in 1887, which means there’s plenty of research out there proving each terpene to have it’s own therapeutic value. The cannabis industry is consistently changing due to law reform at the state and federal level each year. I assume someday we’ll be shopping strains based on terpenes rather than whether a sign says its sativa or indica.



What is a hobby outside of the cannabis industry that you love?



Photography! It’s more of a passion than a hobby for me. I love creating a story through my lens and whenever I can I try to incorporate cannabis into my work.





Please fill in our Budtender's Form and we will have one of our writers create a brief article about you. If we would like any additional information to include, we will contact you via email.

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